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Did you recently receive a text from us? If so, hello! We have launched a new SMS platform to share Caltech news and events and to allow more alumni, parents, and friends to connect with the Institute.


Why are you texting me? I already receive emails, letters, etc. from Caltech.
Many colleges and universities have begun using SMS in addition to traditional forms of communication as a way to keep in touch with an increasingly busy population that prefers the immediacy of texting over long form messaging. Texting platforms such as ThruText and Hustle have reported average open rates of over 80%--much higher than the average for emails, which is only 21%.

We realize that many will still prefer email, phone, and mail communications, and you can opt out of texting at any time.

I've been getting a lot of spam lately. How do I know the text is from Caltech?
If the text looks something like this and comes from a 626 area code, then it's from us!

We will never ask for your personal information (other than to confirm that we are texting the right person) or for any form of payment over SMS. If you do receive such a message, it is NOT from Caltech.

Are these texts automated, or am I speaking to a real person?
Yes, you are speaking to a real person! The platform that we use, ThruText, allows us to send out messages very quickly to people while responding to them in real time.

Can I opt out?
Yes, you can opt out of receiving texts at any time by emailing us at or by responding to the text message that you receive and asking to be opted out.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Caltech Fund, at or 626-395-6323.