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Giving Societies

The Caltech Fund is grateful to all of our alumni for making the Institute a philanthropic priority. Annual gifts from alumni allow Caltech to immediately address its highest priority opportunities and concerns, continue to attract and retain top tier faculty, make critical financial-aid available to students in need, and expand enriching student life programming.

In whatever way you can give back, the 1891 Society and Caltech Catalysts acknowledge the powerful impact which is made possible thanks to alumni investing in Caltech through sustained and leadership-level annual giving.

Coelostat in the Linde + Robinson Laboratory

1891 Society

In 1891, noted Pasadena philanthropist Amos G. Throop established Throop University, the precursor to the California Institute of Technology (1920). It is thanks to the effort of many that Caltech quickly became a preeminent institution of research, education, and instrumentation. In that spirit, the Caltech Fund is proud to recognize alumni for their consecutive years of investment in the Institute's mission to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education.

Alumni are eligible for special announcements and recognition as members of the 1891 Society whenever they have made a gift to Caltech (in any amount) for three or more consecutive years, including the current fiscal year.

Caltech Catalysts

Throughout the past century to the present, Caltech has continued attracting top minds who have in turn brought revolutionary changes to their fields. They catalyze discoveries on campus, around the globe, and across the universe thanks the distinct environment at Caltech: fearless support of faculty and students with a deep commitment to close-knit, interdisciplinary research and scientific collaboration. Caltech Catalysts recognizes donors for their annual investment in Caltech breakthroughs.

Alumni, parents, and friends are eligible for special announcements and recognition as Caltech Catalysts when they contribute $1,000 or more to Caltech during the current fiscal year.

For more information on joining the 1891 Society or Caltech Catalysts, please contact James Ramsey, Assistant Director of Reunion and Leadership Annual Giving, with the Caltech Fund.

James Ramsey

(626) 788-3103