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Giving to the Caltech Fund

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What is the Caltech Fund?

The Caltech Fund is the largest source of unrestricted revenue to the Institute, responsible for raising more than three million dollars each year. Unrestricted gifts are critical to Caltech's success: these flexible, immediate-use funds can be used for current-use undergraduate scholarships, new interdisciplinary initiatives, research support for faculty members, and much more.

What do gifts to the Caltech Fund support?

The Institute's highest priorities

Caltech empowers researchers to pursue bold new research that other institutions may consider too risky. Unrestricted gifts offer Institute leadership flexibility when critical needs or new opportunities arise.

Recruitment and retention of top researchers and faculty

Flexible resources help attract new faculty members as part of Caltech's successful recruitment efforts. Caltech's close-knit community encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration that is much harder to achieve at other universities. As such, Caltech remains a destination of choice for researchers who seek fearless, innovative lines of inquiry.

Financial aid

Gifts to scholarships and unrestricted funds preserve Caltech's need-blind admissions policy: a student's acceptance is never contingent upon their ability to pay for tuition. Robust financial aid packages also enable Caltech to recruit qualified students from all walks of life.

Student experience

Flexible resources support services to enhance student life on campus. These include Student Wellness Services, the Center for Diversity, extra-curricular arts programing, as well as athletics, clubs, and student organizations.

Five Reasons to Give to the Caltech Fund

  1. Our community is small, but its impact is global. While Caltech's entire alumni population numbers only 24,628 individuals, Caltech's per capita output—from knowledge to PhDs, patents, and prize-winning accomplishments—leads the world. Thus, your investment in Caltech goes further than it could at a larger research institute.

  2. Solving society's most complex problems requires ever more resources. This increasing demand on unrestricted funds which the Institute can apply to address high priority areas is essential to the pathbreaking discoveries which Caltech leads the world in making.

  3. Federal funding favors safer areas of research and most private philanthropy is restricted to specific initiatives and areas of study. At Caltech, unrestricted funds ensure that the world's best minds have resources at the ready to pursue untested ideas, taking bold yet calculated risks.

  4. The Caltech Fund supports rigorous academics that prepare its students to go on to direct pioneering research and exploration, influence policy, and sit at the helm of major companies and universities around the globe.

  5. A Caltech degree is highly respected around the world. Gifts from Caltech alumni elevate the value of their degree and enhance the experience of current Techers. As alumni participation improves, so too does the case for investment from major corporations and foundations.