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The Caltech Fund

The Difference You Make

When you give through the Caltech Fund, you make an immediate difference for our students and faculty. You also expand your impact by joining with thousands of other community members in making a collective gift to the Institute.  This year, the Institute hopes to receive $2.5 million from the community through the Caltech Fund, much-needed resources that can be put to work right away.

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You may choose to direct your Caltech Fund gift to any of these areas:

Caltech Fund, Caltech's Highest Priorities, and Unrestricted Support for Caltech
Caltech Fund donors support the Institute's core activity—bringing and keeping talented students and faculty together and supporting them in their teaching, learning, and research.  The global pandemic highlighted the importance of flexible gifts that can be applied to unforeseen challenges or unanticipated opportunities.  Donors who choose these designations allow Caltech's leaders to direct their gifts where they can have the most impact on students and faculty and their mission "to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education."

Caltech Parents Fund
Families provide support directly to their Caltech students in so many ways, making their attendance and success at the Institute possible.  We are extraordinarily grateful that Caltech families also come together to support the entire student community by strengthening Caltech with their gifts through the Caltech Parents Fund.  When parents of current students give, their gifts help to ensure that their children can study with the best students and faculty and have outstanding opportunities to learn, explore, and discover; parents whose children have graduated often continue their support in gratitude for their students' experiences and to make those same opportunities available to others. 

Graduate Fellowship Fund
Graduate fellowships allow students to concentrate on their coursework and research with professors at the top of their fields rather than on pursuing unrelated employment to finance their educations. When you give through the Caltech Fund's Graduate Fellowship Fund, you empower grad students to explore, challenge, and discover without interruption or distraction as they advance science and technology.

Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Donors through the Caltech Fund's Undergraduate Scholarship Fund support more than 50% of undergraduates who rely on financial aid to attend Caltech.  You enable these students to take full advantage of the Caltech experience, in and out of the classroom, and you enrich our community by making their participation in it possible.