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Reunion Giving

Reunions are milestones for our alumni and provide an opportunity to reflect on student experiences, reconnect with fellow Techers and the Institute, and celebrate your accomplishments since graduation.

The collective reunion year gifts made by alumni impact the academic journey of our current Techers, while also supporting all areas of campus—allowing Caltech to remain a leader in science, research, and discovery.

No matter what part of campus you give to or how much you donate, as undergraduate reunion alumni, your gift is considered a reunion year gift if it is made between October 1 and September 30 in the year of your reunion.

Come Back, Give Back

Come back to celebrate this special milestone! Give back by making a special reunion year gift to honor your Caltech experience. You can make a gift online or by calling us at 626-395-6323. You can also visit our Ways to Give

page for other ways to donate.