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Congratulations, Class of 2023!

Your Caltech experience has been like no other; however, you have persevered and are on the brink of graduating. That is a huge accomplishment! Click here for a countdown to Graduation!

It is tradition at Caltech for members of the senior class to make gifts to Caltech before leaving campus. Senior Gift is your chance to:
  • join together as a class to celebrate your graduation
  • honor and thank those who made your experiences possible, and
  • make a difference for the faculty and your fellow students
Your class leaders, Matthew Hajjar, Anna Lapteva, and Arielle Tycko have set a goal of having at least 50% of your class make gifts. This would place the Class of 2023 among the top five classes of the past decade.


Senior Gift Participation Rate 













Volunteer to Help

There is great fulfillment in helping your class reach its goal! There are many positions available that need your particular skills. If you are interested in volunteering, please speak to your class co-presidents. 

Make Your Gift

You are encouraged to make a gift of $20.23 or any amount that is meaningful to you through the Caltech Fund. Make your gift online via GiveCampus or Venmo @CaltechGiving, and help the seniors reach their goal.

Why should I make a gift?

1) You will directly support Caltech students and help pay forward the opportunities and resources that alumni, parents, and friends of Caltech made possible for you!

2) Your participation matters. 

  • When our community comes together to give, we can accomplish so much! Last year, alumni donors through the Caltech Fund provided enough funding to give scholarships to 59 students.
  • The percentage of alumni who give back affects our U.S. News and World Report ranking, which impacts the value of a Caltech degree.
  • Alumni participation incentivizes larger corporations and foundations to invest in Caltech.
  • Corporations and foundations look to see if alumni are investing before they decide whether to invest in Caltech.


Matthew Hajjar
Anna Lapteva
Arielle Tycko


Avery:  Julen Lujambio,  Eileen Zhang
Blacker:  Diana Frias Franco, Tea Susskind
Dabney:  Kenny Thai, Justin Toyota
Fleming:  Matthew Hajjar, Catherine Kauber
Lloyd:  Matticus Brown, Amy Guo
Page:  Hannah Grauer, Arielle Tycko
Ricketts:  Logan Hayes, Anna Lapteva
Venerable:  Iris Lee, Veronica Muller



For more details, please contact:

Charese McLean-Davis, Program Assistant
626-395-6286 |