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Congratulations, Class of 2021!

Your Caltech experience has been like no other; however, you have persevered and are on the brink of graduating. That is a huge accomplishment!

It is tradition at Caltech for members of the senior class to make a gift to Caltech before leaving campus. Senior gift is your chance to make a difference not just for the underclassmen but future generations of Techers.

This year the Class of 2021 is encouraged to make a gift of $20.21, $10, or $5 to whatever area of campus means the most to you! Whether you want to support your house, scholarships, SURF, or Tom Mannion's Cooking Class, that choice is entirely up to you!

Make your gift here or Venmo your gift to @Caltech-Development (make sure to include the designation of your gift in the comments).

Why should I make a gift?

1) Professor Tom Soifer is matching all senior gifts an additional $20.21. That means if you donate $5 to your house, your house will receive an additional $20.21 from Prof Soifer's match. That's $25.21!

2) You can directly support the Caltech student experience and help pay forward the opportunities and resources that alumni, parents, and friends of Caltech have made possible for you!

4) Gifts of any amount make a huge difference. Here's why:

  • The percentage of alumni who give back at any level affects our U.S. News and World Report ranking, increasing the value of a Caltech degree.
  • Alumni participation incentivizes larger corporations and foundations to invest in Caltech.
  • Because participation is so important, Senior Gift is more about promoting the act of giving than it is about raising a huge sum. Seniors typically give $20.1X in honor of their class year. Some give $5 or $10, a few give $50 or $100, and the minimum amount is just $1.


Alessandra Mondello
Ashima Agarwal


LC Chen
James Park
Zimo Zhu
Christie Huang
Dominic Catanazaro
Sarina Liu
Daniel Neamati
Olivia Durrett
Aru Mukherjea
Eric Moreno
Ethan Jaszewski
Maheck Terceros
Andrew Chan
Rachel Sun
Galileo Resca


For more details, please contact:

Carter Stripp, Assistant Director, Caltech Fund
626-395-6738 |