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Coach Sandra Marbut

Many thanks for your generosity towards Caltech. My name is Sandra Marbut, the Women's Basketball Coach since 2003. Over the last ten years, I have had the privilege of complementing and adding value to the already unique Caltech experience by broadening our students' horizons and providing them with a well-rounded collegiate experience through athletics.

I am a coach and a teacher in the learning lab of college athletics. I am a professor, and my classroom is the court. I have the honor of giving my students an opportunity to develop and practice life skills that complement their Caltech education. The education our students receive here along with the skills they learn through their participation in our athletic programs prepares them to be champions on the court and in life. Every day and every game, I work to help my students grow using their journey through competition.

I am inspired by my team and all the other athletes at Caltech. I am impressed not only by their athletic abilities, but by the fact that these wonderful young people will go on to solve the world's most complex problems—as only a Techer can.

The Women's Basketball team is only one of 17 athletics programs at Caltech that challenges and inspires our Techers to meet and exceed the expectations of a Caltech student. I encourage you to support this New Generation of Techers - whether it's through athletics, student life, scholarships, or whatever area on campus that helped you tough it at Tech.

However you choose to support Caltech, at whatever amount, you help shape and enhance the experience of our students. Thank you for reading my story and considering a gift to Caltech.


Coach Sandra Marbut
Caltech Women's Basketball