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Meet Chris Bryant (BS '95)

"We still feel a debt of gratitude to Caltech for bringing us together, for giving us a great education, and for giving us a lot of opportunities. We want to make sure that current and future students have access to those same opportunities."

Please make your gift today!
When I think of Caltech, I think of opportunity. When my wife, Jasmine, and I were undergraduates, Caltech gave us opportunities that helped shape our lives, our careers, and the people we have become. We are grateful for this, and we give to Caltech largely because we want others to have those same opportunities. I urge you to join us and contribute today.

The qualities that make Caltech so distinctive are the source of many opportunities. For instance, there are few places where undergraduates can take part in advanced research through programs such as SURF, starting in their freshman year. Other opportunities are created by fellow Techers. For me, an internship offered by an alum set the direction of my career.

We all benefit from our community of extraordinary alumni—people we can reach out to for information or introductions. It doesn't matter what house we lived in, what year we graduated, or whether we were undergraduate or graduate students. We are members of the Caltech family. As president of the Caltech Alumni Association, I have made it a top priority to strengthen our network: All alumni can seek advice or provide mentoring through our Caltech Alumni Advisors Network, and we can meet current students—future alumni—through Dinner with Techers and TecherTalks.

Techers helping each other—that's what it means to give to the Caltech Fund. Your support creates even more opportunities for today's students, and tomorrow's.

Remember, too, that your gift is powerful in and of itself, whatever its size. It's your vote of confidence in the future of the Institute. It also sends a signal. When you give, you show that alumni—those who know Caltech best—believe it is a place worthy of support. People who are considering large philanthropic gifts, the organizations that rank universities, and other influencers pay attention to this signal.

As alumni, we are co-owners of Caltech's future success. Techers surpass expectations in so many ways. This is one more opportunity for us to do just that. All it takes is your gift.


Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant (BS '95)
President, Caltech Alumni Association

P.S. I encourage you to review our programs and resources at, including career webinars and a networking platform developed exclusively for Caltech alumni.