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The Caltech Fund Celebrates 70th Anniversary

“If each alumnus gives generously within his means, he will be doing his full share, whether his gift is $1 or $10,000. Each will then be entitled to a new pride in our Alma Mater and in our part in its support, and the Alumni Fund will be a great success.”
                                                                          — Howard B. Lewis (BS ’23), June 1947

When the idea of the Alumni Fund was first conceived in 1946, things were different on campus. Caltech was an all-male institution, with no athletic facilities, and a very small alumni base. Seventy years later, 46 percent of our freshmen are women, Techer athletes are excelling in team and individual sports, and our mighty alumni base is currently at 23,500. Caltech has made these great strides, and so many others, through your generous philanthropy and that of fellow alumni and friends.

Over the decades, the Institute has grown physically with new buildings and labs, but has also experienced growth in other ways—rich student life traditions; new discoveries; faculty and student diversity; and a leadership role in an ever-changing world of transformative science.

Now known as the Caltech Fund, a loyal group of nearly 4,000 alumni, parents, and friends help raise unrestricted funds for areas of highest need on campus every year. As the Fund’s first chairman, Howard B. Lewis, noted, “Each of us has been the recipient of a gift from the Institute, and indirectly from the donors of the Institute…. We cannot repay those who gave to us, but we can and should do all we can to assure the same or greater opportunities to succeeding generations….”

This year, as we celebrate the Fund’s 70th anniversary, we’re counting on your support to ensure Caltech’s legacy lives on and that the Institute continues to flourish.

Join me in making a gift to the Caltech Fund and do your part in providing opportunities for future generations of Techers today!


Jasmine Bryant BS’95
Chair, Caltech Fund