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Caltech Fund Videos

The Caltech Student Experience: Beyond the Lab + Classroom

Joe Shepherd PhD '81 and Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Shepherd shares why current students inspire him to give back.

 Techers Dunk the Dean for a Good Cause

 Michael Post PhD ’16

Nick Trank ’18 & Tiffany Zhang ’18

Techers Say Thanks!

Some of our students came together to thank donors for the impact they have made at Caltech. Click below to watch the video!

Ditch Day 2015

Caltech's Ditch Day is one of the most memorable, challenging, and unique elements of student life.  Watch the video of Ditch Day 2015 below:

Caltech Ditch Day 2015


Extending over two terms and nearly 450 hours, Techers enrolled in Mechanical Engineering 72 spend a good portion of their lives learning how to “design, fabricate, analyze, test, and operate an electromechanical device to compete against devices designed by other student teams.”

Andrew Gong '12

The New Generation of Techers like Andrew are making this world liveable for you and your loved ones.