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Class of 2018 Senior Gift

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Senior Gift is a Caltech tradition that demonstrates the impact of philanthropy on the daily lives of Techers. Though most campus news stories focus on gifts in the millions of dollars, gifts of any amount make a huge difference. Here’s why:

  • The percentage of alumni who give back at any level affects our U.S. News and World Report ranking, increasing the value of a Caltech degree.
  • Alumni participation incentivizes larger corporations and foundations to invest in Caltech.
  • If every one of our living alumni worldwide gave just $20, it would be enough to pay for tuition, room, and board for 7 current Caltech students.
  • 50-80% of MIT seniors typically give to senior gift, and Caltech generally hovers between 35-45%. We can do better than that.

Because participation is so important, Senior Gift is more about promoting the act of giving than it is about raising a huge sum. Seniors typically give $20.1X in honor of their class year. Some give $5 or $10, a few give $50 or $100, and the minimum amount is just $1.


We’re doing something a little different for the 2017 Senior Gift Campaign. Instead of raising money for a tangible gift like a bench, last year’s charging stations, or some new trees, we’re asking seniors to give back to whichever area of campus is most meaningful to them.

This campaign will prepare you for giving back as an alumnus, when you will have the choice to make an unrestricted gift (which goes to Caltech’s highest priorities, like scholarships and financial aid) or restrict your gift to whichever area of campus matters most to you. Many of the opportunities you’ve had—from that SURF at JPL to your House camping trips at Joshua Tree—were made possible by alumni support. That support helps ensure that Caltech will continue to grow and improve, and that the things you loved about your experience will continue to exist for future generations.

Need ideas? Here are some funds you can support:

  • Caltech Fund (highest priorities)
  • Undergraduate Scholarships
  • SURF
  • Art House
  • Student Life
  • Ditch Day
  • House Endowments
  • Instrumental Music
  • …and many more! If you don’t see something that inspires you on this list, feel free to reach out to any of the student leaders listed in the sidebar for additional ideas.


Faculty and admins have challenged us to maximize our giving!

Vice President for Student Affairs Joe Shepherd is challenging seniors to reach 100% class participation. He has generously pledged to give $500 to Undergraduate Scholarships for every 10% of seniors who make a gift—up to $5,000.

Professor Tom Soifer (PMA) will continue his awesome support of senior gift by matching up to $30 per gift and up to $2,000 total.





Friday, April 14
Kick-Off Party: come for pizza and beer!
Wednesday, April 19
Grad Fair DUNK TANK CHALLENGE! Come make your gift for a chance to dunk Kevin Gilmartin, Nets Katz, and your senior leaders!
Winnett Lawn
Monday, April 24 – Friday May 5
House dinner announcements and dessert nights
UG Houses
Wednesday, May 10
Senior Dinner #1
Pres Res
Thursday, May 11
Senior Dinner #2
Pres Res
Monday, May 15
Senior Dinner #3
Pres Res
Tuesday, May 16
Senior Dinner #4
Pres Res
Friday, May 18
Caltech Fund Reunion Cocktail Party
Ath Lawn
Wednesday, May 31
Last day to be counted in House competition
Saturday, June 3
Mannion dinner for the winning House
Friday, June 16
Graduation; last day to give
Beckman Mall


For more details, please contact:

Kathleen LaManna, Assistant Director, Student Philanthropy
626-395-6286 |