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Caltech Water Polo

Water polo combines the fitness of swimming, formational strategy of soccer, set play designs of basketball and physicality of wrestling. Regulation pool depth is a minimum of two meters—standing with your feet touching the bottom is not an option.

 As Caltech’s water polo coach, I strive to help members of the team develop complex skills and tactical acuity while also instilling a sense of teamwork that focuses them on achieving a common goal. These young men and women are proud dignitaries of the Institute, approaching competition with the same vigor they apply to their research and problem sets. Every defeat is reflected upon, every victory savored. Make no mistake about it: these Techers want to win.

Whether in the pool or in the lab, your annual gift, at any amount, helps ensure the success of our students.

Being a part of the water polo team—or any one of the 17 intercollegiate sports teams at Caltech—allows our student-athletes the opportunity to wear orange and white with pride, establish life-long bonds with teammates, and enjoy a well-deserved outlet from a rigorous course load.

“Water polo has been a great opportunity for me during my time at Caltech,” says Ben Grabowski ’15, goalkeeper and captain of the men’s team. “I started with virtually no experience, but my coaches enabled me to compete at a collegiate level. It has been a rewarding experience to grow with the team and progress from barely breaking our losing streak to winning seven games in a single season.”

Your annual gift helps pave the path that will lead students like Ben to great academic, professional, and personal accomplishments.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.


Pat Beemer
Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Water Polo