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There’s no time like the present to inspire Techers and provide them with opportunities to excel. Give now, and make an impact today.

I support scholarships at Caltech because I want to give back to the Institute that taught me how to learn. I feel fortunate to have experienced the challenges and adventures that made up my Caltech experience and allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I left Caltech feeling part of a family. And families help each other.

I initially came to campus during the summer of my junior year of high school as part of the Young Engineering and Science Scholars program, and fell in love with the place. The undergraduate counselors were friendly and helpful, and the curriculum was exciting and intense. I knew I could thrive in this environment.

And I did. I studied math and computer science, served as vice president and president of Page House, and was a rep for the Board of Control. Caltech is a safe place to explore academic and research interests (I SURFed twice, and each time explored a topic I was completely unfamiliar with), and it also affords students opportunities to discover other areas they might be passionate about—athletics, student government, theater, or choir. I want to contribute towards a well-rounded student experience for THIS generation of Techers.

Make a gift toward scholarships and help Caltech attract the brightest students by bolstering need-blind admissions. Join me, and fellow Techer parents, past and present, to support the talented students—members of our Caltech family—who currently walk the campus, and also make an investment in those who will come after, those who will continue to transform the fields of science and engineering.