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Meet Grace Park '16

“I never thought of myself as a leader—until I came to Caltech. I learned valuable lessons from my experiences here, including humility, independence, and caring for my fellow Techers as an Upper Class Counselor.”                                                      - Grace Park (BS’16)

Grace is adventurous and fearless, with a great sense of humor—traits shared by many Caltech scholars. And like many Techers past and present, she dreams big—global, even—making staff like me proud to know her. During her four years at Caltech, Grace visited 25 countries and served as a warlord (Lloyd House frosh prankster), Lloyd House president, and Upper Class Counselor (her favorite position).

Caltech is intimate, exceptional, and focused. Caltech’s unique environment ensured that Grace’s study of computer science included a heavy dose of the math she loves and access to emerging technologies. Seeing the world firsthand during these crucial years helped keep her imagination sharp.

“Caltech offers so many possibilities for students to travel and explore,” Grace says. “If you’re curious and willing to plan ahead, you can find support and funding that make it possible to get out there.”

Caltech is home for people—like Grace—who thrill at exploring uncharted realms. She couldn’t have done it without financial support made possible by generous alumni, parents, and friends. Gifts from Caltech Fund donors help students like Grace make full use of their time at Caltech—participating in experiences like the SURF, international internships, Ditch Day, and even teaching their own classes. These opportunities have lasting effects on the careers and lives of graduates long after Caltech.

“I’ve benefited because a Caltech alum or parent decided to be generous,” Grace says. “I look forward to giving back to help future Techers get the most out of their Caltech experience.”

I’m grateful to have known Grace during her time at Caltech. Her appetite for new things have led her to Alaska, Canada, Japan, Peru, Europe, and Korea, among other places. What’s next? Iceland this summer, before she begins a new job at Yelp in San Francisco this fall.

I hope you’ll join Grace and fellow Techers in making a gift to the Caltech Fund. This year and every year, your support has an immediate impact on the areas of highest priority around campus and on the exceptional experiences students can find only at Caltech.

Jannah Maresh
Director, Caltech Fund and Parents Program