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Caltech Traditions

From our excellence in science and discovery to our distinctive house culture, Caltech’s legacy is built on tradition. Whether you were a graduate of the 1930s, the 2010s, or anywhere in between, you have helped shape these customs and made the Institute a better place. By making a gift today—and every year—you are continuing another important tradition of giving back to support future generations of Techers.

Which traditions are the most memorable to you? Frosh camp? Rotation? Ride of the Valkyries? Our infamous, ingenious pranks? Perhaps it was the weeks, months, or years you spent planning your stack for Ditch Day. For me, carrying on that particular tradition has been a truly memorable experience.

Each year, senior stacks get more creative, more elaborate, and more challenging—and this year’s Ditch Day was no different. Frosh endured the hardships of the Oregon Trail, had a blast following the adventures of Dr. Seuss, spent the day with Teddy Roosevelt and friends, or played spy games with James Bond.

As I reflect on my Caltech journey, I am truly grateful for the generosity of our alumni over these last four years. Whether you support student life, scholarships, or another area you are passionate about, your annual gift to Caltech is what sustains our tradition of excellence and provides the necessary resources to pursue and achieve our academic goals.

As I begin the next chapter of my life and join Caltech’s mighty alumni network, I look forward to paying it forward and helping future students. Thank you for leading the way.

David Flicker ’15
Senior Class Co-President

P.S. Be sure to check out the 2015 Ditch Day video!