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Gifts Honoring the Caltech Community

The Caltech Fund is grateful to join donors in commemorating individuals who have made a positive impact on the Institute and its community. Any gift made to Caltech can be made in honor or memory of someone important to you or all of campus. These gifts offer a meaningful way to pay tribute to the lives and accomplishments of our honorees while they further Caltech's mission to advance society through science, research, and discovery. The Caltech Fund offers a variety of opportunities to help you celebrate these inspirational people.

Gifts in Honor and Memorial Gifts

Gifts may be made in memory of an individual who has passed or to honor an individual's current deeds. Gifts may be directed to an area on campus that is meaningful to you or the person you are recognizing through your gift.

To make a gift in memory or in honor of a loved one, friend, or mentor, please visit our online giving page, and include "In Memory of" or "In Honor of" in the comment box.

Once you have made the gift, Caltech will alert the person you have honored or the family of the person you have memorialized about the gift so that they know they have inspired you to support Caltech. If you would like to include a special message with that notice, please use the contact information below.

Recent Honorees January - June 2021

Dr. Allan J. Acosta, BS'45ME, MS'49ME, PHD'52ME

Mr. Donald M. Alstadt, Friend

Mr. Harold Alvarez, Friend

Mrs. Violet S. Alvarez, Friend

Dr. C. Hewitt Dix, BS'27PH

Dr. Don L. Anderson, MS'59GEPH, PHD'62GEPH

Dr. J. Milton Andres, BS'49PH, MS'50PH, Ricketts

Dr. Tom M. Apostol, Honorary Alumnus

Dr. Charles B. Archambeau, PHD'65GEPH

Dr. Giuseppe Attardi, Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Boris Auksmann, MS'58ME, ENG'59ME, PHD'64ME

Dr. James E. Bailey, Friend

Mr. Lawrence C. Baldwin, ENG'55AE

Mr. Nathan D. Ballintyn, Staff

Dr. David Baltimore, Honorary Alumnus, Faculty, President Emeritus, Trustee Emeritus

Dr. Jeffrey S. Banks, MS'84SS, PHD'86SS

Dr. Jack L. Beauchamp, Faculty, BS'64CH, Page

Captain Forrest R. Biard, Friend

Dr. Pamela Bjorkman, Faculty

Dr. James F. Bonner, PHD'34BI

Dr. Kim C. Border, BS'74EC, Ruddock

Mr. Eli Botkin, MS'51PH

Mr. Edward M. Boughton, BS'55PH, Fleming

Dr. William G. Bradley, Jr., BS'70CHE, Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brande, Friends

Mr. Nelson Briceno, BS'73EC, Ricketts

Dr. R. T. Brockmeier, MS'61PH, PHD'66PH

Dr. Norman H. Brooks, Faculty, PHD'54CE, P'81

Mr. Lee F. Browne, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. and Mrs. Kim A. and Ginger I. Caldwell, Friends

Mr. Eric M. Candell, BS'92PH, Ricketts

Dr. Robert J. Cave, PHD'86CH

Mrs. Jean Chao, Friend

Mr. Zach H. Chase, BS'19MA, Dabney

Ms. Lucy H. Chen, Student

Dr. Robert F. Christy, Honorary Alumnus, Trustee Emeritus

Dr. Marshall H. Cohen, Faculty

Mr. Craig E. Countryman, BS'03CH, Fleming

Mr. Richard T. Cowley, BS'58ME, MS'59ME, Blacker

Dr. Madeline A. Crosby, PHD'86BI

Dr. Robert H. Dalton, BS'25CH, MS'26CH, PHD'28CH, P'65

Mr. Ramesh P. Dave, P'89

Dr. Eric H. Davidson, Faculty Emeritus

Mrs. Zichao Deng, P'90

Dr. Ronald N. Diamond, Friend

Mr. B. L. Dilworth, Friend

Dr. Fred W. Dorr Jr., BS'64MA, Ricketts

Mr. William Drake, BS'51PH, Fleming

Professor Pol Duwez, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Warren G. Emery, Staff, Honorary Alumnus

Dr. Richard P. Feynman, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Harold T. Finney II, BS'79ENG, P'05, Page

Mr. and Mrs.  Lou and Norma Fleck, Friends

Dr. Joel N. Franklin, Faculty Emeritus

Dr. and Mrs. Steven C. and Mie Frautschi, Friends

Dr. Jerrold Fried, BS'58PH, Blacker

Dr. Yuan-Cheng Fung, PHD'48AE

Ms. Mildred W.Y. Fung, Friend

Dr. Terry R. Galloway, MS'63CHE, PHD'67CHE

Dr. Clifford S. Garner, BS'35CH, PHD'38CH

Mr. John D. Gee, BS'53ME, Fleming

Mr. Glen A. George, Faculty, BS'81ENG, BS'82EE, Page

Mr. Joseph P. Gibbs, BS'56ME, Blacker

Mr. David L. Glackin, BS'74AY, Lloyd

Professor William A. Goddard III, Faculty, PHD'65ES

Ms. Mahi Gokuli, Student

Dr. David L. Goodstein, Honorary Alumnus, Faculty Emeritus

Mrs. Ethel S. Gould, Friend

Dr. Matt C. Grau, BS'09PH, Lloyd

Mr. David D. Gutschick, BS'08ME, Ruddock

Mr. Daniel Lewis Hancock, Friend

Mr. Richard J. Harer, MS'49AE

Mr. Harry Hawke, Friend

Ms. Arlene Hawke, Friend

Dr. Thomas H. Heaton, PHD'79GEPH

Dr. Donald V. Helmberger, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. David N. Herting, BS'62ENG, Ruddock

Dr. David G. Hitlin, Faculty

Mr. Steven Y. Horikoshi, BS'08APH, BS'08BUSEM, Dabney

Dr. George W. Housner, MS'34CE, PHD'41CE

Dr. Bill D. Iwan, BS'57ME, MS'58ME, PHD'61ME, Throop

Dr. Paul C. Jennings, Faculty Emeritus, MS'60CE, PHD'63CE

Dr. Stephanie L. Johnson, PHD'12BICHMB

Dr. Barclay Kamb, BS'52PH, PHD'56GE, P'88, Throop

Mr. George N. Karas, BS'84ENG, Ricketts

Ms. Michele Katti, P'14

Dr. Lawrence C. Katz, PHD'84BI

Dr. James K. Knowles, Honorary Alumnus

Ms. Catherine J. Ko, Student

Dr. Mark Konishi, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. James H. Koontz, BS'56ME, Fleming

Mr. Robert Krausz, Friend

Dr. Steven G. Kuntz, PHD'11BICHMB

Dr. John L. Lam, PHD'67PH

Dr. Stephen S. Lavenberg, MS'64EE, PHD'68EE

Dr. Kenneth L. Laws, BS'56PH, Blacker

Mr. and Mrs. Fei-Pong and Nichi Lee, Friends

Dr. Henry A. Lester, Faculty

Mr. Joseph W. Lewis, BS'41ME, Ricketts

Dr. Hans W. Liepmann, Honorary Alumnus, P'79,P'81

Dr. James R. Lloyd, BS'56ME, MS'57ME, PHD'62ME, Throop

Dr. Stewart C. Loken, MS'69PH, PHD'72PH

Ms. Ilda Lord, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Aboulhassan Mansoorian, Friend

Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. and Ora Lee Marble, ENG'47AE, PHD'48AE, Friend

Mr. Dickson L. Marcy, Friend

Dr. Vincent A. Marinkovich, BS'55PH, Ricketts

Ms. Shirley Marneus, Honorary Alumna

Mr. Michael G. Maxwell, BS'92MA, Blacker

Dr. Sarkis Mazmanian, Faculty

Dr. Thomas C. McGill Jr., MS'65EE, PHD'69EE

Dr. Richard McKelvey, Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Daniel McMahon, Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Carver A. Mead, BS'56EE, MS'57EE, PHD'60EE, Blacker, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Craig L. Millard, Friend

Dr. Herschel K. Mitchell, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Return F. Moore, BS'47CE, MS'48GE, Blacker

Ms. Maryann Morales, Student

Mr. Noah P. Moran, Student

Dr. Jim J. Morgan, Honorary Alumnus, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Richard V. Morris, Friend

Mr. David W. Morrisroe, Honorary Alumnus

Mr. Ira D. Moskatel, BS'72ENG, Ruddock

Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, PHD'60PH, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Kenneth F. Nicholson, BS'53ME, MS'54AE, ENG'58AE

Mr. Douglas B. Nickerson, BS'40ME, Blacker and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Nickerson, Friend

Mrs. Barbara J.N. Noll, Friend

Mr. Mongpie Oei, P'93

Mr. William P. O'Neill, BS'65ENG, Ricketts

Mr. Robert L. O'Rourke, Honorary Alumnus

Dr. Ray D. Owen, Honorary Alumnus, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. David and Mrs. Kathy Patterson, P'04

Dr. Paul H. Patterson, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Robert C. Perpall, BS'52ME, MS'56ME, Fleming

Mrs. Doris Perpall, Friend

Dr. Joseph G. Polchinski, BS'75PH, Blacker

Mr. Mitchell M. Pravica, BS'91APH

Dr. James R. Preer,PHD'70CH, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Chase Puskar, Friend

Mrs. Kay C. Raine, Friend

Dr. Doug C. Rees, Faculty

Mr. Joseph Rhodes Jr., BS'69H, Blacker

Professor Eric Rignot, Friend

Dr. John D. Roberts, Honorary Alumnus, Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Anatol Roshko, MS'47AE, PHD'52AE, Faculty Emeritus

Dr. Paul W. Rothemund,BS'94BI, Ricketts, Faculty

Mr. Erich R. Schneider, BS'91ENG, Dabney

Ms. Elizabeth B. Seebeck, P'22

Dr. John H. Seinfeld, Faculty

Frederic T. Selleck, PhD, BS'49ACH, Throop

Dr. Robert P. Sharp,BS'34GE, MS'35GE, Dabney

Zimin Shen, Friend

Aimin Shi, Friend

Dr. Leon T. Silver, PHD'55GEST, Faculty

Dr. Joshua L. Soske, MS'32GE, PHD'35GE

Mr. Samuel Spalter, Friend

Dr. John B. Stinson, Friend

Mr. Foster Strong, MS'37PH

Dr. Bradford Sturtevant, MS'56AE, PHD'60AE

Dr. David A. Tirrell, Faculty

Dr. Thomas A. Tombrello, Honorary Alumnus, Faculty Emeritus

Mr. Grant D. Venerable, BS'32CE

Mr. Stuart J. Vincent, BS'81CH, Ruddock

Ms. Elisa C. Walsh, BS'12BI, Lloyd

Mr. Max H. Wang, EX'19

Mr. Charles R. Williams, BS'46EE, P'83

Ms. Ying Wu, Friend

Dr. Hsun-Tiao Yang, PHD'55AE

Mrs. Jieh T. Shen Yang, Friend

Mrs. Elizabeth Zentner, Friend

Dr. Jakob J. van Zyl, MS'83EE, PHD'86EE, Faculty Emeritus

Memorial Benches and Trees

Memorial trees and benches offer another opportunity for the greater Caltech community to honor the legacy of loved ones and friends in perpetuity. These contributions carry forward the name of those memorialized and are enjoyed by Caltech's faculty, staff, and students. Contact us to learn more.

Memorial Gift Testimonials

Below are just some of the members of the Caltech family and extended community who have been commemorated by gifts made in their name. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of the families and friends who have made these special gifts to support Caltech.

Dr. Frank J. Nagy MS'78PH, PhD'80PH
"...Frank often mentored younger scientists, and inspired students to take the most demanding math and advanced science classes so they could better contribute to science."

Mr. John D. Gee BS'53, Fleming
"Truly a Caltech 'lifer', John touched the lives of so many within the Caltech family of alumni, faculty, and staff."

Dr. Robert H. Dalton BS'25, PhD'28, P'65
"Dr. Dalton very much enjoyed his time at Caltech and always spoke highly  of the Institute."

Mr. Robert (Bob) K. Weatherwax, Jr BS'66, Page
"He predicted that the main source of failure would be the solid rocket boosters, eventually proved correct with the Challenger accident."

Mr. Richard "Dick" Heppe ENG '47 AE
"He received a Professional Engineer's degree from Caltech in 1947 and was proud to complete his career as President of Lockheed California Company."

Learn More or Contact the Caltech Fund

Interested in making an honorary or memorial gift or want to know more? Contact the Caltech Fund at 626.395.6323 or