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Class of 2019 Senior Gift


Senior Gift is a Caltech tradition that demonstrates the impact of philanthropy on the daily lives of Techers. Though most campus news stories focus on gifts in the millions of dollars, gifts of any amount make a huge difference. Here’s why:

  • The percentage of alumni who give back at any level affects our U.S. News and World Report ranking, increasing the value of a Caltech degree.
  • Alumni participation incentivizes larger corporations and foundations to invest in Caltech.
  • If every one of our living alumni worldwide gave just $20, it would be enough to pay for tuition, room, and board for 7 current Caltech students.

Because participation is so important, Senior Gift is more about promoting the act of giving than it is about raising a huge sum. Seniors typically give $20.1X in honor of their class year. Some give $5 or $10, a few give $50 or $100, and the minimum amount is just $1.


This year's class is raising money for a class of 2019 bench to go outside of the Hameetman Center. The goal for the bench is $5,000 and Professor Tom Soifer will be matching all gifts up to $2,000.

There is also a house competition and the winning house will receive a free dinner with Tom Mannion on Tuesday, June 4th. Seniors can support the bench or any area on campus (House Endowments, SURF, the Caltech Fund, Scholarships, etc). All gifts will count towards the house competition.


($ raised)^(% participation)


For more details, please contact:

Lucy Richardson, Associate Director, Caltech Fund
626-395-5868 |