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Recent Alumni Programs

Recent alumni are a critical part of the Caltech community as our ambassadors, supporters, and friends. With the diaspora that happens after graduation, recent alumni have great opportunities to accomplish heady personal and professional goals as well as deepen and grow their connection to the Institute.


No matter where you go after graduation, there are a variety of ways to stay connected to the Institute. Every year, the easiest way to stay connected is by returning to campus for Reunion Weekend and Seminar Day. For those that can’t always travel back to sunny Southern California, there are dozens of regional events taking place year round.


There are truly limitless ways you can continue to be a leader in the Caltech community after you graduate. You can engage your classmates for reunion and urge them to return to campus, participate on panels aimed towards educating parents, students, and other alumni on a variety of important topics, or you can serve on one of the many boards and advisory panels that allow Caltech to continually innovate and lead the way in research and teaching.


Each year, thousands of Caltech alumni give back to the Institute. Their support ranges from $25 gifts to SURF to $100,000 gifts to scholarships or fellowships to million-dollar gifts to bring old facilities into the future. You can join this distinguished group of alumni by making a gift now. Many of our alumni can even double the size of their gifts by taking advantage of their employer’s matching gift programs by using the search function on the bottom of the Caltech giving form.


Nicole Williams, Assistant Director