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The Phonathon Program

What is Phonathon?

The Caltech Fund Phonathon is an annual giving program that links Caltech alumni, parents, and friends to current students.  Techers not only ask for philanthropic support, they also share experiences and stories with alumni and parents, strengthening the bonds of the Caltech family.  The connections made by student callers help further the mission of Caltech and impact our legacy of discovery and explanation.

Why join the Phonathon Team?

  1. IT’S FUN!  Take a break from studying and earn cash in an engaging, low-stress work environment. Phonathon provides a great opportunity to connect with more of your peers and to share meaningful conversations with alumni and parents. Our current callers love to learn about life at Caltech in decades past, and they hear some great stories! Alums and parents also appreciate hearing about your personal achievements and experiences on campus.
  2. COMPETITIVE SALARY.  This a great option for a Work Study requirement or earning extra spending money. Depending on class year, callers earn $12.50-$20 per hour. Opportunities for raises, bonuses, and promotions are also available.
  3. FLEXIBLE HOURS.  Shifts are only 3 hours each, and most callers work 2-3 shifts per week. Callers can choose to work daytime, evening, and/or weekend shifts.
  4. EXPERIENCE. As a caller, you will gain invaluable experience in these key areas:
    • Networking
    • Negotiating
    • Interviewing
    • Teamwork
    • Developing interpersonal/communication skills
  5. BUILD YOUR RESUME.  Phonathon is a great way to diversify your resume and impress prospective employers with a unique range of skills.
  6. MAKE AN IMPACT.  Have you enjoyed your time at Caltech? Are you a recipient of a scholarship and/or financial aid? Working with the Caltech Fund is a great way to give back to the Institute and to ensure that current and future Techers are able to benefit from the same opportunities you’ve had. In the last three years, Phonathon has raised over $357,000 from over 2,000 gifts. Alumni and parents alike have made unrestricted gifts of support to not just the Caltech Fund, but also Student Life, Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships, Athletics, SURF, House/Hovse Endowments, and Division programs.  Join us, and you can help support the next generation of Techers.
  7. SNACKS!  If the above reasons weren’t enough, food is also part of the equation.

Interested? Download a job description and application today!

Make a Difference for Your House, Club, or Team with a Special Partner Phonathon!

Does your group need extra funding for events, travel, equipment, or annual expenses?

The Caltech Fund Phonathon partners with diverse groups on campus to raise both unrestricted funds for the Institute and immediate funds for the student group. 

The process is simple: your group dedicates a few days to come in, connect with alumni, and solicit them for their annual gift. The Fund will fully train you, so you don’t need to have any prior fundraising experience. In return we will fund your group $13 an hour per caller, in addition to funds raised from alumni.

For example: 15 callers x 10 hours of call time each x $13 = $1950!

To sign up for a special Phonathon, we need a minimum of four weeks notice before the intended calling period. Each calling session is at least four hours long, with an hour-long (paid) training session for all callers on their first night. We also encourage multiple days of calling to get the most out of your time. We’ll provide full meals and snacks for your group!


Lucy Richardson, Associate Director